Corey’s Referrals

Corey’s Referrals is located in Wake Forest, NC.  CR (Corey’s Referrals) is a 10 yr. old advertising company serving the Wake Forest, Raleigh & surrounging areas.  CR directly hand delivers local business ad media to local homeowners.  We are currently offering businesses our New Super Impacts Marketing 2010.

CR has changed its format to include better response rate subdivisions and expanded delivery areas.

I use the IMPACTS Marketing techniques of local writer and entrepreneur Dickey Eason. This is what Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) said of IMPACTS Marketing With so many companies failing because of poor marketing, IMPACTS Marketing will be a Godsend to the companies that embrace its principles. As the field of marketing was changed first by radio, then by television, and then by the Internet – IMPACTS Marketing will spur another revolution. You are at the forefront of that revolution.”

New Routes –  based on Impacts Neighborhoods – 6,000 total rotation

WakeForest/Youngsville, Rolesville, Heritage/StoneGate, Wakefield, Falls River

  CR is working in conjunction with and their marketing strategies in supporting local non-profits.


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