Corey’s Referrals New Super Impacts Marketing 2010

For all my Referral Businesses that are looking for Referral Based Advertising with guaranteed Hand delivery to local homeowners & a highly targeted response rate, then you need …..
Corey’s Referrals New Super Impacts Marketing 2010
CR has changed its format to include better response rate subdivisions and expanded delivery areas.
I use the IMPACTS Marketing techniques of local writer and entrepreneur Dickey Eason. This is what Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) said of IMPACTS Marketing– With so many companies failing because of poor marketing, IMPACTS Marketing will be a Godsend to the companies that embrace its principles. As the field of marketing was changed first by radio, then by television, and then by the Internet – IMPACTS Marketing will spur another revolution. You are at the forefront of that revolution.”

Dickey Eason, Author

New Routes – based on Impacts Neighborhoods, covering a total 6,000 homeowners for one full rotation.
1)WakeForest/Youngsville, Rolesville, North Raleigh, Heritage/StoneGate, Wakefield, Falls River

New Pricing – 13 ¢ per piece
A.Pay by the Piece – 1,000 Min Order = $ 130.00 (6,000 rotational delivery routes)
B.Includes Hand Delivery – Guaranteed into the hands of Local homeowners
C.Includes Xerox copies on White paper
D.Includes tax
E.All uniform 8 ½ X 11 “ flyers
F.Includes flyer design
G.Includes 9 X 12 “ envelope packing
H.Includes Highly targeted Impacts neighborhoods
I.Includes 24/7 Website & Blog presence
J.Includes Rotational Delivery – every 6,000 pcs/paks  back to Same Homeowners
K.Includes 6 delivery areas to be rotated
L.You can choose delivery areas
M.Delivery Confirmation & subdivision names
N.Charge orders available thru
O.All Paid Orders Receive One FREE Gift Card – Currently a Discount Pharmacy Card. I have them to give out, or you can fill in form.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum Orders (3,000 pcs) has a 4 month Expiration to be used up. Most 3,000 min. orders delivered within 2 months (unless otherwise decided.) Rotations start with every 6,000 pcs/paks.  Delivery confirmations posted on blog.  All orders are final and providing CR with your flyer proofs for copies is your responsibility. If you schedule a delivery and not provide a flyer proof for it, it counts towards your 3,000 minimum.  Some areas can be selected, please to call.
CR is still Working in Conjunction with & their Data Security/ID Protection Products and Ad Campaigns – WeCare Coupons Delivery is Totally separate from Corey’s Referrals Deliveries. CR also has other Ad & Internet products & services to offer. Everyone who decides to purchase a Data Security/ID Protection product will receive add’l discounts to their CR deliveries.
Please R.S.V.P. and let me know what areas/deliveries you will participate in.
Thank you.
Karen Corey
Corey’s Referrals


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